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01/19/2016 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm

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Meeting Minutes

Town of Hamburg

Town Board Mtg,  January 19th, 2016

Volume 1-2016


Present at the meeting: Rod Erlandson, Jackie Stalsberg, Dayna Schultz, Gary Antoniewicz and Ron Humfeld, Zoning Admin – Sally Lindahl


Minutes:    Minutes from December 2015.   Motion made by Supervisor Gary and seconded by Supervisor Ron to approve last month’s minutes. 


From the Floor –   no one from the floor.


Zoning Report:   Sally reviewed the few calls that she did have.  See the spreadsheet that she created.


Fire Meeting was quiet and no issues. They are trading in the Kabota/tractor for new.


Amish building or look like they are building on Role Lane – Sally will take a look at this.


Treasurer Report –   Dayna reviewed the numbers and the deposit.  Explained the transfer of the bridge money also.


Tim Morgan’s tax property was over charged by $6000.00.  There is nothing that township can do on this since it was submitted to Vernon County this way.   We need to have Tim Morgan pay the amount total upfront.  Dayna reviewed the taxes, and Tim Morgan paid his portion and then Bob Irwin had to make this payment to make the amount figured correct.  This is all corrected


Rochlet property was sold and there were some missing property payments. They did not pay up the amount that was due.  They did not truthfully tell the banks on what they did owe and any property taxes.  Since the property tax was not done until later year, the paperwork did not follow thru. We need to have letter done and notified that they have until July 31st to pay up 2013 property taxes.

They are paid up to date except the omitted taxes.  Total $5110.00 is total due.  Who does this money belong too?  Should we have portion going to Vernon County and portion to us.  Rod will be talking to Rachel on this and get back to us.


Total Deposit $320,725.59 (December Tax payments, we will see next month)

Total Checking Acct:  $366,735.66

Total Net Worth – $649,261.73


Clerks Report:  Jackie reviewed Expenses/Revenues that were done.  Payables were discussed. Motion made to accept the bills and pay all the bills.   Jackie did get copies of the check that processed for Peterson Lane Bridge.  Sent this to VC on 1/19 and will hope to see this 50% payment returned to all us.  We did get some money back, but we will not talk about this until January 2016, next month’s meeting.  Rod has asked that we expand the spreadsheet on the bridge/equipment fund spreadsheet.  This will show the deposits that we did put on this account.  This will keep nice running total for Rod each month.  Need to continue to be sure we put any money we receive into this account.


Chairman’s Report:    Snow plowing, what is the plan on how we handle?  Rod would like to understand the direction that we go in each truck.  How we can get this done faster? Do we need more people, do we need to make route changes?  Rod is concerned on doing the main roads first and not doing the side roads.  We drive by some of the side roads and only do the main roads. Rod had several phone calls on the roads not being plowed on a timely manner.  What can we do on this for future process?  We need to either looking at different system of plowing?  Roger explained that we need to be sure the bus routes are completed so they can be traveled.  All people want to be done first and when we get this amount at one time, it does take time. 


Patrolman’s Report:  Roof was repaired and bill will be paid per Jackie.

Seal coating bids need to be posted.  Due back for March meeting.  We will have due back here on March 11th paper posting.  We will also have stipulation on work completion by August 2016.


Next Meeting Date:  We will have next meeting February 9th at 6:15 p.m. (one week earlier due to election


Adjournment:  Motion made by Supervisor Ron and accepted by board to adjourn 7 p.m


Respectfully submitted,

Jackie Stalsberg, Clerk – Town of Hamburg