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Monthly Meeting

03/21/2017 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Town of Hamburg

Town Board Mtg, March 21st, 2017

Volume 3-2017


Present at the meeting: Rod Erlandson, Jackie Stalsberg, Dayna Schultz, Gary Antoniewicz and Ron Humfeld , Zoning Admin – Sally Lindahl  - Sign in sheet also filled out by all in attendance.


Minutes:    Minutes from February 2017.   Motion made by Supervisor Gary and seconded by Chairman Rod to approve last month’s minutes. 


From the Floor –  Tim Gaskell is running for judge in April 2017.  He spoke his expertise on what he is doing and what his plan for the Judge in April.  He gave his background experience and how our vote for him will be the right options.


Zoning Report:   Sally explained her calls and locations of some of the calls for the month.


Sally did discuss with Jim Dingledein regarding the business that would starting.  She explained to him on the tax and zoning concern on the business that would be taking place.  She explained what will need to do to get this corrected.


Joel Hanna on Dodson Hollow Road is trying to build small shed.  He is 3feet short of what is needed for building.  He will need variance from board to make this happen.  Motion was made and seconded by board on the approval for this.  He agreed to pay the charge for the variance.  Collected and processed the payment.  Permit was approved.


Hamburg Ridge Farms – manure spreading on frozen ground.  Complaints of the manure being spread.  Sally did discuss with Vernon County Paul Krahn on the situation.  Paul did visit and write up compliant and letter on his findings.  There is nothing at this time that the township will be able to do.  They will continue to monitor this situation.


Fire Meeting update no changes or update on anything.


The Board needs to pass amendment to the Zoning – We need to draw up new charge that will have the right to charge the maximum amount that is being charged by the county.  This would be min. charge of $3000.00.  We currently only charged what our zoning agreement was.  If we have this change done we will be able to charge this going forward.  Motion will be made to allow this change.  Jackie will re-post to the website with update version.



Treasurer Report –   Dayna reviewed the numbers and the deposit.  


Total Deposit $139,304.98

Total Checking Acct:  $498,025.04

Total Net Worth – $770,119.31



Clerks Report:  Jackie reviewed Expenses/Revenues that were done.  Payables were discussed. Motion made to accept the bills and pay all the bills.   She explained the large payments that were done for the tax payments.  They were paid since they were due on 1/17 to the locations.


Seal coating Bids – we have received two bids Scott Construction and Fahner Construction.  They both brought samples for the review of the board.  Approx miles that we will need to do – 6 miles

Both bids are for 3/8” stone.  Samples do not look exactly the same as we have both to review.

The board will review both options and discuss.  They will make decision prior the April Meeting.


Scott Bid – the bid is for Single Application over hard surface – exactly the same price as previous year.  $16.39 per ton - $16,366.65 per mile.


          Fahrner – bid for exact same specs $16,575.00 per mile.


Road Checks will need to post – they will review March 24th as a group.  Jackie will post the meeting.  They will meet with the seal coating companies to award.


Chairman’s Report:     nothing to report


Patrolman’s Report:  Roger has issue with drain hole in the garage.  There is no direction on where the pipe goes.  The pit fills up and take several days for the water to release.  How do we fix?  Roger will try to take the elbow off and see if we can have machine/roto to get into this pipe to break this loose. 


Degenhart – Loader tires are leaking – two need to have rings put in.  Tires are ok, but we will need to have the ring repaired. 


Fire Numbers – Klum’s example – we will need to check with Vernon County on how long we need to continue to keep this up.


Next Meeting Date:  April 18st – Regular Meeting at 6 p.m.  Annual Meeting 6:30


Adjournment:  Motion made by Supervisor Ron and accepted by board to adjourn 7:30


Respectfully submitted,

Jackie Stalsberg, Clerk – Town of Hamburg